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We can make your home and business safer with our top-notch security system. We offer you a wide range of security services which we specialize in. We can install the most up-to-date security devices. Our experienced and highly qualified security experts can customize your security needs. We are an established company you can trust.

Top CCTV Supplier And Security Surveillance Services Company

We are the top CCTV supplier and security surveillance services company in Malaysia. If you need better protection for your home or business, we are here to help you. As your security is our top priority, we are here to advise and assist you in installing the most cost-efficient and highly effective security system to give you maximum protection for your loved ones at home and keep your valuable assets safe and secure as well. More importantly, we are here to protect your business and other investments too.

About Us

CCTV Supplier Malaysia : What We Do

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CCTV Camera Security System
Door Access Control System
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Automatic Door System
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Alarm System
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Barrier Gate
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Access Card Supplier
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Office Keyphone System
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CCTV Supply and Installation
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Network Cabling
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Wireless CCTV
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CCTV Promotion Package

Our Mission

Our mission is “Your security is our top priority.”

We provide you with the maximum protection.

We promise to give you trusted and reliable service.

We will assist you in making the right choice of the security system best suited to your personal needs.

CCTV Supplier Malaysia : Why Choose Us

As a leading and trusted CCTV supplier in Malaysia, we provide you with the most advanced and innovative security systems for the maximum protection of your family and properties from various dangers. All these years, we have a proven track record of providing top-notch security and protection to clients in residential and commercial properties, business establishments, healthcare facilities, academic institutions as well as government agencies.

We can provide you with the most updated CCTV cameras, alarm systems, access card systems, automatic door systems, door access systems, barrier gates, office phone key systems, networking, network cabling and wireless CCTV. Our various security systems will closely monitor your properties, giving you 24 hours service protection.

Our team of high calibre security experts will provide you with professional and prompt service. We have great team work to ensure maximum protection and optimum security for your family and your properties. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Reasons For Choosing Us

  • Our security experts are certified and trustworthy.
  • We provide you with accurate on-site risk assessment.
  • We customize security designs and plans according to your needs.
  • We offer you the most efficient security camera, surveillance solutions and top-notch equipment.
  • We offer you high-quality equipment at an affordable price.
  • We give you reliable service especially prompt after-sales service.
  • We provide wide coverage areas in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.